Can I see historic info on the sentiment module?

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The amount of historical data that Bunker DB displays depends on each of the networks. These are the histories that each network has available for the Sentiment module:

  • Facebook Three months from the date of the comment.
  • Instagram All up to two years.
  • YouTube All comments of all videos.
  • Twitter Up to 3,200 tweets.
  • Mailchimp and Analytics N/A
  • Facebook Business The first time up to two years.
  • Facebook Ads All comments on all posts.
  • Instagram Ads All comments on all posts.
  • LinkedIn Ads Up to two years.
  • Google Display, Search, YouTube Ads, Sizmek SAS, DV 360, DCM, Twitter Ads N/A

In the Private Messages module you will see a month of history from the date of the connection of your brand.

See how far Sentiment comments can go for every network here.

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