What are global reports?

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Global reports allow you* to extract general information —as a CSV— about brands on Bunker DB. Each report is independent, which can take more or less time depending on how much data has to be processed. Information available includes:

Brand network connections

Networks connected brands with usernames and account names, owned networks, and external accounts and id for paid media.

Database completion

The number of consumers and percentage of completion of the data available: Facebook id, Twitter id, e-mail address, document, telephone and mobile, name and last name, sex, birth date, address: country, city, postal code, and address, and brand and company opt-ins.

Shared brand consumers

Brands with consumers in common.

Annual brand consumers

This report accounts for the number of consumers obtained by brand per year.

Unique consumers

Brands whose consumers are unique (not shared with other brands) and what percentage does that number represent over the total.

Consumers by campaigns

Campaigns are created for each brand, including starting and ending dates, descriptions, targets, and the number of consumers and registries.

Consumers by preferences

Tendencies or preferences with the number of consumers with which they are linked.

System users

Lists all the registered users on the platform —name and e-mail address— it includes the type of user, whether it has access to investment information or not, and which brands are assigned to the user.


(*) Only Superusers can extract global reports.

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