How do I report an issue?

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You have three communication channels to communicate with the support team: email, WhatsApp, and live chat.


Step by step — how to report an incident via email

  1. Click on the user menu located at the top right of the platform.


  2. On the menu, select "Incident Report."
  3. Complete the report data as detailed as possible.
  4. Click on "Accept" to send.


  • You can also access the form from the support button located at the platform's bottom right, select "Email Support."
    We will reply to you as soon as possible!




Step by step — how to communicate via WhatsApp

  1. Click on the support icon located in the lower right corner of the platform and select "WhatsApp Support."


  2. Clicking the button will automatically open the WhatsApp web activator in a new browser tab.


You will see the contact telephone number of the Bunker DB offices, which identifies us on WhatsApp.

  1. Clicking on the send message button will determine that WhatsApp web opens.
  • If you have the WhatsApp desktop app installed, a pop-up will appear so that you can enable the opening of the desktop app.


  • If you don't have the desktop app installed, you can download the app or open the WhatsApp web version.
  1. Once you can see the interface, you will see that the chat window immediately loads to communicate with our support team.



Step by step — Live chat.

  1. Click on the support icon located in the lower right corner of the platform and select "Chat to Support."


  2. Enter your contact information and initial message on the form.


  3. Click on «Start Chat» to communicate with one of our support team members.

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