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Step by step — how to connect a brand account

    1. From the dashboard, go to "Edit brand."


    2. Go to "Networks."


    3. Choose the network to connect; you will see a button to connect.

    4. Click Sign in with... or Continue with... and follow the authentication steps.



      • The user making the connections must have an admin role to succeed.
      • All the permissions must be active to enable Bunker DB analytics to download the data.


    5. Once you finish the network authorization procedure, Bunker DB will redirect you, and you must continue the process in Bunker DB analytics.


    6. Select the brand for the connection from the drop-down menu.


    7. Click on "Save network" to finish the procedure.
  • If you're connecting paid media —Facebook Ads, Google Ads, DV360, etc—, remember to check the option "Update dashboard with account information" to automatically download your account's data into your dashboard.

You should see the connection as the image shown below:



For paid networks, the option "Full account" must be activated to download the data to the dashboard. You also have a checkbox to update the dashboard with the account information when selecting the account.

The initial data download time will depend on the volume of data and the type of network to be connected.

If the data was not ultimately downloaded past 24 hours, contact or through the platform's live chat.


Step by step — how to disconnect a brand account 


This procedure removes Bunker DB analytics's connection and all data from the platform. You cannot reverse this procedure.


Only the Superuser role has permission to perform this procedure.


  1. From the dashboard, go to "Edit brand."


  2. Once there, go to "Networks."
  3. Choose the connection you want to disconnect.


  4. Click on the "Disconnect" button.
  • A warning window will be displayed, preventing you from disconnecting by mistake. Bunker DB will warn you if you have content dependent on the connection.
  1. Click "Yes" to confirm.



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