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How and why do network connections need to be refreshed?


This document explains the importance of refreshing network connections in Bunker DB analytics and the necessary steps to perform the procedure with Twitter connections.

When do I need to refresh a connection?

When a network is connected to Bunker DB analytics, a token code is assigned to identify it. This code will validate the date on which the connection was made, among other data. Therefore, in particular situations the connections between Bunker DB analytics and the provider's network can be interrupted and the data download is suspended.

Some reasons for those interruptions might be:

  • A token's validation date has expired.
  • Changes on the network's terms & conditions.
  • Additional account security methods have been activated.
    • Two or multi-factor authentication.
    • Biometric authentication.
  • Networks account data has been modified.
    • User name.
    • Password.

When refreshing is needed, Bunker DB analytics displays a notification on the bell on the right top corner of the platform: mceclip0.png


Step by step — how to refresh a connection

  1. Click on the notification bell.


  2. A menu will be displayed identifying the network and brand needing refresh.
  3. If you click on either of the options you will be redirected to the connection's edit section to be able to start the refresh procedure.
  4. You will be able to see a mark within the connection indicating which of the connections needs to be refreshed.


  5. Click on the 'Refresh' button to start.

    WARNING: be careful not to select the 'Disconnect option. This procedure removes the Bunker DB analytics connection and all data will be removed from the platform, and this procedure can't be undone.

    You have to either select the account you are going to connect or enter the user and password from the network you are refreshing. Also make sure you have admin permissions within the user you are using to refresh the account. 


    Here we show you an example of Google's authorization screens:




  6. After completing the network authorization process, you will be redirected back to Bunker DB analytics.
    You will see a notification in the upper sector of the screen indicating that the process was carried out correctly.


    Once the procedure has finished, the data download process will resume.

    Download times for all data depend on how long the network was suspended, and the volume of data generated during that period. If your data is not displayed within 24 hours, contact or start a chat on the platform.

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