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Step by step —  How to create a preference

  1. Select, on the campaigns tab, the campaign whose preferences you wish to manage.
  2. Click "Edit campaign."

  3. Go to "Preferences" and click "Edit preferences."

  4. Click + to add a new preference.

You can create a new mother preference from which you can unfold multiple child preferences.


  1. Choose a name and brand reach for which you want your preferences to be available.

  2. Click Accept to save changes.

Once created, preferences —parents or children—, can be edited or deleted from the icons on the right menu.


If you select a child preference, the mother will be selected by default. On the contrary, if you select a mother preference, its children preferences won't be automatically selected.

Step by step – Assign preferences to a campaign

  1. Select a campaign from the Campaign tab.
  2. Click "Edit campaign" and then "Preferences"; all preferences created and enabled for that campaign will be shown.
  3. Check all preferences you wish to associate with your campaign.
    When consumers are uploaded to this campaign, those preferences will be linked to their profiles.
  4. Save preferences to finish.

Step by step – Assign preferences to content (via campaigns)

  1. Go to "Edit campaign" and select "Networks."
  2. Click to view preferences available.

  3. Select preferences associated with your posts by checking the box
  4. To keep changes, click on "Save."

Step by step – How to categorize content (via Dashboard)

  1. Click on "Edit brand" from the menu on the right.

  2. Click "Contents". Se puede filtrar por período de tiempo o red.
  3. Click on + to assign preferences to each post or content.

From this window, you will also have a shortcut to add preferences on the spot.

  1. Click on "Edit preferences" to make any changes. Click the link to close the edition mode, and confirm the changes.


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