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Step by step — how to add your target audience

  1. Click on the Administration tab on the left.

  2. Select the "Target audience" tab.

  3. Complete the required data to divide your target audience.
  4. Click Add to save.

As you add new segmentations, you'll see them listed below. You can edit or delete them with the icons on the left.

Step by step – Assign a target audience to a brand

  1. Select a brand.

  2. Go to the brand's edition.

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  3. On "General information," click on Target audience.

  4. Select, on the pop-up window, the established month and segmentation.
  5. Click on "Add," and save the changes.

Step by step – Assign your campaign's public

  1. Go to your campaign's edition.

  2. On General information, on the lower margin, you'll find "Target public."

  3. Set the segmentation, and the potential audience, its reach, and targets.[1]
    If you plan to use the same target public as the brand, you can enable it by marking "Use brand's target public" on the upper right corner. 
  4. Click "Save" to confirm the changes.


Target publics are set up by brand monthly and are saved historically. When you select any target public for a campaign, there shouldn't be other publics previously selected for any months.

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