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Step by step – how to create a user

  1. In the "Administration" tab, select "Users" from the right menu.


  2. Click on "CREATE USER."


  3. Complete the required data.


    Determine if the user will have access to all brands or specific brands.
  4. If you check the box "Is multibrand," you will give access to all brands.
  5. In the drop-down menu, you can select a brand.
  • There is also a function to be able to program a specific operating time for an account.
  • Depending on the type of role you choose, after selecting the brand, you will see a second menu to select the users' campaigns.
  1. Click on "Add" to confirm access. You can add as many accesses as you need.
  2. Once the process is finished, click on "Save changes" to confirm the action.
  • To confirm the account, Bunker DB will send an email to the address associated with the following steps to verify the account.
  • If you select an automatic deactivation date, once reached, the user is not deleted but is marked as "Not active."

You can activate it again manually and permanently or set a new expiration date.



User roles

  • Superuser

A user with a Superuser role has full permission on the platform. It has access to corporate and brand management, editing campaigns, maintaining users, and viewing all existing information.

  • Brand manager

The user has permissions on a group of brands and will access all the content except the system's administration section.

  • Read-only plus

This user shares the same characteristics as the read-only user, except that he can add notes and milestones.

  • Read-only

The user with the read-only role can see the dashboard, the list of campaigns, and see campaign details but cannot edit any fields.



Special user permissions

Permissions must be activated manually by checking each of the boxes.

  • API tokens manager

The user with this permission can create, edit, and manage Bunker DB API integration tokens.

  • Financial manager

This permission complements the brand manager and read-only users to view investment and financial information within the platform.

  • DBM connect manager

This type of permission applies exclusively to Brand Manager users and allows them to connect Display & Video 360 (DBM) campaigns and networks.

  • Delete campaign enabled

It is applied to allow the user to delete campaigns.

  • Disconnect network enabled

It is applied to allow the user to delete connected networks.

  • Custom component

This type of permission applies exclusively to brand administrator users and allows them to edit pivot tables. The rest of the users only have permission to view and choose previously created pivot tables.

  • Download records

It is applied manually to any user with prior authorization and a Bunker DB analytics contact. It is used to be able to download the consumers' databases.

  • See API token test

This permission applies exclusively to a user who has the "API Token Administrator" permission to view the tests carried out with the consumer API using within the API tokens module.

  • Reply comments

It is manually applied to the brand manager role to reply to comments within the sentiment module.

  • List consumers

It is applied manually to the Brand Administrator role to view the "View consumers" and "View records" tabs within the consumers' module.



Only users with the Superuser role can create other users.

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