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A KPI (key performance indicator) helps measure your networks' metrics performance and thus evaluate the key factors for your brand's success.

In this document, we show you how to create and configure a KPI from scratch.


Step by step — create a KPI.

  1. Go to "Edit campaign" or "Edit brand."
  2. Once there, go to "Networks."


  3. Selecciona una red que tengas vinculada.
  4. Now click onadd_new_kpi.png

    Keep in mind that the network needs to be connected beforehand.

A window will be displayed with all the options to configure the KPI.


  1. Configure the period in which you will monitor your KPI.

The configuration options for the period vary depending on whether they are made for a campaign or brand.

You can set a custom period at the campaign and dashboard level by activating the upper right corner switch.


  1. Once the period is set, you can filter between the different KPIs according to their category.



  1. Choose the operator. It can be 'equal to,' 'greater than or equal to,' 'less than or equal to,' 'between,'', etc.


  2. Enter the goal value.
  3. Click "Save" to finish.

Schedule e-mail alerts

Additionally, you can configure different e-mail alerts to determine when your configured metrics values vary according to the established goal.

  1. To add an alert, click on 9_new_alert.png
  2. Then select what type of alert you want to receive.


  • You can select between receiving an alert when the goal is met or a projection, which will send an alert when 50%, 75%, or 100% of the goal you established has been exceeded.
  1. Select the users who want to receive this alert.
    When you click on the link, it will display a menu to search for users.
  2. Click "Save" to finish.
  • Once you have created your KPIs, you will see them listed in the network's edit section. You will also be able to edit them from this section.


  • To see the KPIs on the dashboard, you can find them in the "Performance" section.
  1. By displaying the section, you will be able to view the list of KPIs.


  • The KPIs created at the campaign level will be listed in the platform's upper sector in a carousel format for each of the KPIs.





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