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Here is a list of terms and concepts that you will see on the Bunker DB Listening tool. We hope you find it useful to clarify doubts that may arise when interacting with the platform.


  • When you sign up to use the Bunker listening tool, you create an organization. You will have your folders and queries, and you can invite your colleagues to share information with them.
    You can have more than one organization on your account.
    For example, if you are an advertising agency, you may have an organization for your clients. They will see only your organization, but you can manage all of them.
  • It is a topic that you are following with Bunker listening.
    A query can contain one or more keywords.
  • When creating queries, use one or more keywords. Basically, the keyword is a part of a query.
  • They are simple words that combine or exclude keywords in a search that serve to refine the query results.
  • A series of queries are sorted together.
  • It gathers all the mentions about your query and displays them for you to read and use.
  • Mention:
  • It is an article or a publication related to your query.
  • Estimated number of people who could have seen the mention.
  • Virality is a metric that tells you how successful an article is compared to all other articles on that same website.
  • The attitude of a speaker or writer regarding some topic.
  • A tag is attached to any query for identification and classification.
  • Bunker listening graphical analytics module.
  • Possibility of downloading PDF or Excel.
  • Refers to the type of medium, such as Facebook network, website, Twitter, etc.
  • The most popular and influential websites, pages, and authors who write about your topics
  • It refers to the number of likes, shares, retweets, or comments on social networks.
  • Shows the most commonly used words in the context of the selected query.
  • Summary of your mentions delivered directly to your email at a time of your choosing.

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