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In Bunker DB listening, you can generate reports to analyze the data from your mentions in a quantifiable way and make swift decisions.


Step by step - How to create a basic report


1. Click on the Reports module.



2. Click on "Basic report" to select the type of report.



3. Choose the query from which the report will be supplied with information. Just click to display the query folders.



4. Choose the period from which to provide data for the report.


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5. Once the period has been chosen, and you will view all the graphs that have already been pre-established.


6. Click on the specific metrics' values. Bunker DB listening will export the mentions linked to that metric.


7. Download or print your graphics in different formats according to need by clicking on the three-line menu.



8. Finally, you can download the full report by clicking on the button located to the right of the beginning of the report.






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