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 The feed is where you have all the relevant information about your mentions. In each of the publications where you've been mentioned, you will see information such as reach, viralization, publication date, when it was published, etc.


Here we show you everything you can visualize regarding your mentions.


Step by step — the structure of mentions


All posts that include a mention contain the following elements:


  • Title

  • Source
    The identifier (logo) of the font will be indicated on the left.

  • Post time

  • Legend or fragment
    It contains a part of the publication or its entirety to be brief.

  • Scope
    As an estimated number of people who viewed the publication. **

  • Engagement rate
    Shows the total result of interactions over the total number of posts.

  • Influence score
    The score measures from 1 to 10 the popularity of a specific website or profile.

  • Location
    It shows the geographic location where the publication was made.

  • Sentiment
    Considering that the algorithm recognizes the sentiment, the line on the left will be dotted in green for positive, red for negative, or gray for neutral.




Edit sentiment

To edit the posts' sentiment with mentions, you must click on the box that contains the publication, and you will see displayed in the filter panel on the right the option to edit the sentiment manually.


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Remove mention from the list.

If you want to remove a mentioned post from the feed, click on the "x" in the box's upper right corner for each post. A window will appear to confirm that you want to remove the mention.



Block mentions

If you wish to stop receiving mentions of a source, particular language, click on "x" and select "Block mentions" of a specific source (you can apply this action to any website or social media profile).

You will no longer receive mentions of the blocked source.


Translation of mentions

For publications with mentions written in a language other than the default or configured, you can choose to translate them to the language configured to display on the platform. (Example: English)
By clicking on "Show in English," you will be redirected to to see the translation of the English publication.


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Tags in mentions

If you wish, you can create tags for each mention depending on what you consider important. For example, you can track your company's name and create a tag for each article depending on the context in which the company is mentioned (director, CEO, marketing, analytics).


To create a tag, you must click on the box of each mention to display the mentions options on the platform's right side.


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To add each tag, type the tag's name and then click on the option displayed to add it and continue with the next one.


Edit Tags in mentions

You can edit the name of the tags, as well as you can delete them whenever you want. You can also create tag categories to manage the use of tags better.


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At the end of the right panel of options for mentions, you can find statistics based on shared publications and comments on the networks.
Depending on the network the post belongs to, you will see different types of statistics.
For example, in the case of websites, you will see various statistics from other networks.



  • Reddit: number of comments, votes in favor, and polls against.

  • Facebook: number of likes, shares, and comments.

  • LinkedIn: number of shares.

  • Pinterest: number of pins.

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