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Set-up alerts via email to keep up to date on all changes regarding your mentions; this way, you can know first-hand what happens with your mentions online and make swift decisions.


Step by step - set up alerts.

  1.  Select the folder from which you want to receive the reports.

  2. Click "Alerts."

  3. Choose the type of notification you want to receive.

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    Email alerts

    You have to check the email option for this type of alert and continue setting up the following parameters.

    Alerts by Slack

    To configure alerts through the Slack application, you must first integrate them into Bunker DB Listening.

    Once it has been integrated, it will look like this:



    Alerts by an HTTP post

    To configure the alerts with the HTTP post option, you will see that, by selecting the option, you will have a space to place the URL with which you want to receive the alerts.



    Once you have entered the URL, you can test it and verify that your development team is correctly configured. If the configuration were done correctly, you would see a

    The alerts will be sent as a JSON payload to your URL, and it will look like this on your endpoint:



    Activate silence

    By having this function activated, you will be able to silence notifications for important events regarding your mentions at a specific time.

    This schedule can be configured both for specific times of the day and for different days during the week, or even in a personalized way.


    Additional options

    You will have three options available to control the alerts and modify them according to the need or preference.



    • Delay silenced alerts - With this option, you will be able to defer all the alerts that arrive during the period when the silence is configured for when it ends.

    • Discard Similar - This option ignores alerts for mentions that Bunker DB Listening detects are similar.
      Snooze - This feature, when active, stops sending alerts until it is deactivated again.

      Limit reached

      This utility works as a limiter, or cap, for the maximum number of mentions to contain and to be able to establish a certain number of mentions per hour.
      You can see the link in green to modify the parameter.

  4. Finish

Once all the parameters have been chosen, it remains to confirm the creation of the alert.


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You will receive your alerts in your email like this:


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As you create alerts, you will see each of them listed.


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Spike Alerts


There is an additional type of alert (not configurable) that will send an email notification to all the members of an organization in cases where, based on real statistics of your mentions, any of the values generate a specific change or significant increase.



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