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A query is a keyword by which you tell the Bunker DB Listening tool to perform a search. The purpose of this query is to catch any mention of your brand (or your competitors) in all the sources available within Bunker DB Listening.

A query can contain one or more than one keyword. For example, "rain OR raining" is a query with two keywords.

In this tutorial, we will show you the steps to follow to create your own queries.


Step by step - how to create new queries


1. Click on the green "Start tracking" button

You also have the option of creating a new query by clicking on "Add a new query" at the end of the already configured queries.



In the right sector, you will see the wizard displayed to guide you in configuring the query.



2. Configure the phrases or keywords to search, then you must refine the search and then the sites in which the inquiries will be made.



3. In the configuration of the phrases and keywords to choose from, you will notice that the wizard will give you clues to speed up the process.


At the bottom, you will find the navigation buttons to advance or go back to the configuration process in case modifications are necessary.



4. In the next step, you can refine the context where your keywords are searched.



For example, choosing “bunker” as the keyword, plus additional keywords, will cause Bunker DB to listen to search for all the words in the same context, thus avoiding including “bunker” in contexts that are not useful.


It is suggested that in this step, keywords linked to the specific area or sector in which they can be included and contextualized are included. Example, "bunker" (keyword) + "bigdata" (contextual keyword).

5. Then, you can generate specific exclusions so that the filter eliminates results that contain these types of phrases or keywords.



6. In the next step, you will be able to further filter the mentions by selecting languages, geographic locations, and specific authors and the exclusion in each of the fields.



7. Located below, you will see two additional filter options: Influence, to determine the degree of popularity of the context in which the mentions are contained. Also, the Sentiment filter is included, which measures mentions by the type of sentiment they have.



8. In the next step, choose all the online sites where Bunker DB listening will find all the configured mentions. These can be both social networks of different types, as well as websites and forums.



Note that for each of the site types where Bunker DB listening is going to search, it is possible to add specific sites and exclusions; or leave by default to bring the total mentions.

9. Now, it only remains to preview the mentions to verify that all the settings are correct and functional.




The preview loading process can take considerable time to specify the settings and the number of mentions. You will see that the platform displays inspirational quotes and phrases from different influential personalities during the upload.


10. The final step would be to confirm the configuration giving a name to the query and choosing the folder containing it.


11. Once the data has been entered, click on «Save» to save the query.


If you need to make changes to your queries, you can do it, from the gear, by clicking on "Edit the search."


By doing this, you access the window of step 6, and you will be able to modify your search characteristics.


  • Change your search from that moment, without adjusting the results of the last three months, or
  • Adjust the results of the last three months to the changes you have made.




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