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Step by step - how to load investment offline

  1. Under "Campaigns," go to "Campaign Edition."

  • You can also access the campaign edition by clicking on the pencil located on each campaign's tab.

  1. Select the "Investment & Sales" tab.

  2. Complete the fields to add the type of production you invested money, means of communication, etc.

  3. Click "Add" to generate more items until you have covered all the offline media invested in the campaign.

  4. Mark the checkbox if the added element impacts the budget and that the system takes it into account when generating the graphics with the campaign's overall budget.
  5. Below the media field, you can add the sales made during the campaign and add KPIs and monitoring objectives.
  6. In the end, you will see the data loaded and the impact on the graphs of the paid media module.

The KPIs generated for offline investment will be aggregated in the upper sector of the paid media module, along with the other KPIs of the different ad networks, and thus monitor the total performance of the campaign.

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