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Step by step — how to connect to a brand

    1. From the dashboard, go to "Edit brand."

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    2. Once there, go to "Networks."

    3. Click on the logo that identifies YouTube.
    4. Then click "Sign in with Google" to start connecting the page.

      You will be temporarily redirected to the network's authorization page to give the necessary access so that Bunker DB can download the data.

      If you were already logged in with a Google account, the authorization page will detect your active session and ask you to choose the account.

      Very important:
      The network user with whom the connection is made must have the administrator role to be successful.

    5. Click on the account to continue.
      If you do not see your account on the screen, you must click on "Use another account" to enter the correct account information.
    6. Grant Bunker DB Analytics permissions to your YouTube account.

You can only connect one YouTube channel per brand.

  1. Click "Allow" to proceed with authorization.
  2. Select the YouTube channel from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click on "Save network" to finish.


The data will download depending on the volume of data generated two years before the connection date. If the data hasn't been downloaded in less than 24 hours, contact or through the platform chat.

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