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This section will show categories that you can apply to comments received on your publications to analyze your publications' performance by topic.

Charts present only tagged comment data. Untagged comments are not included.


To do this, Bunker DB analytics has a built-in default list of tags or topics that can be expanded by adding custom ones, following these steps:

Create custom sentiment labels or topics

  1. Click the edit icon located in the corner of the sentiment by tag list (⠇).
  2. Add a new tag by clicking "+."
  3. Choose the name for the tag and its scope.

  4. Click "Accept."
  5. Once the labels have been created, you will see that sub-labels can be created —parents and children—.
  6. You can edit by clicking or deleted by clicking
  7. Click "Close" to finish.

You can also add notes and images to complement the sentiment data analysis. To be able to do this, select one of the options listed below:


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