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Visualize the comments made and classified by the network.

  • You can break down the sentiment of each of the networks by clicking on each of the pieces.


  • To go back to the previous view, you will see a button to act.


  • Within the editing menu, you can find the option to download it as a JPG image for the word cloud graphic.
  • For the pie chart, these options are for download as JPG, PDF, or print.

And finally, you can have a section in which you can see all those comments that you have marked as "Favorites" and "Conflicting."




You will see all the comments grouped by network and their sentiment value within the next module tab.


The first thing you can do is select the network. Afterward, choose the comments to view mode. Then you can apply advanced filters, which will be very useful in manual categorization processes. These filters have multiple options, so you can be agile in categorizing and classifying specific groups of comments.



In this section, you can modify the automatically assigned value, if the selection algorithm did not correctly determine the sentiment. In this case, you will see the comments in the "Unclassified" section. By clicking on this section, you can assign the corresponding sentiment value.


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