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The leads performance module combines investment data in media campaigns and records data (leads and sales) to obtain statistics.

In this how-to, we will see the sections of this module and how it works.


How do consumers and sales info get to Bunker DB?

There are several ways to save lead data in Bunker DB analytics. Two of them start from registrations on websites or in Facebook lead forms.

We also have a way to save lead data, designed for cases where you upload a CSV where leads have been obtained from a landing page. These leads will be called leads from other media.

And when you upload a CSV containing leads that do not belong to any of the three previous categories, we will call them "organic leads" on the platform.

You can enrich this data with sales data, either online or offline. You can import the sales information generated via the CRM API or upload the database to Bunker using a CSV file.


Create a new Leads performance table

Click this button to create a new lead table.



The most important lead performance results will be displayed here so that you can see at a glance the metrics that matter most to you. You can customize the metrics, as in all Bunker DB heads.

Evolution of records and sales

Observe daily, weekly or monthly sales and registration performance. You can select specific periods with the bar below the chart.


Funnel conversion

The conversion funnel shows you how impressions and clicks obtained from the investment led to the conversion of leads and sales.



Summary of records and sales

You can also see a summary of all the tables that you have created in the module with their results.


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