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In this how-to, we will see how to connect a Facebook lead ad form so that the data is integrated into the lead performance module.


Step by step — connect form

  1. Under "Campaigns," click on "Edit Campaign."


  2.  Then you should go to the "Networks" section and select "Database."


  3. Click on "Connect lead ads form."
  4. Select a Lead ads form, and match the fields.
    In each of the fields, you must select which name will be displayed:


  • Suppose the Lead Ad form has "option" type fields, only those listed in the custom fields list from Bunker DB analytics. In case the field is not found, it can be created by going to the corresponding tab.
  1. To finish, click on "Connect lead ads form."


  2. Once the form is added, you will see it as a card list as follows:







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