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Within the Bunker DB Listening feed, you can filter the mentions obtained from the configured search of your queries in the platform's right panel. This functionality will help you to get specific mentions within the feed. It is important to remember that this filter acts only on the results obtained without affecting the queries' configuration.


Step by step — How to filter the mentions obtained?


1. Search results counter

You will see the total results obtained in the query search reflected in the panel's upper sector.


2. Period selection

Below you would have the first filter to apply, which will allow you to select the period.




3. Filter by metrics

The following filter will allow you to sort the entire group of mentions by three types of preset metrics.



4. Filter by source

The following available filter will allow you to limit the results by the type of site in which they were found—networks, forums, websites, etc.



5. Filter by feeling

Then you will see the sentiment filter, which will allow you to visualize the classification made by the tool for each type of sentiment value.




6. Additional filters

This last section will find three additional options to filter content in the feed and order the mentions.





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