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When you start for the first time, you will see the platform previously configured by your administrator or Bunker DB as follows.




With the "Start monitoring" button, you will start to track mentions of your brand.



You can also create a new query with the link below the one previously created.


Feed module

Once your query has been created and the mention to follow configured, you will see all the contents which contain mentions in the feed viewer. Bunker DB listening will highlight mentions in each element.


From the right panel, you can configure the mentions display and organize the queries in folders on the left panel.


From the right panel, you can set the necessary filters to view all the mentions found in a more controlled and personalized way.


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In the upper panel, you can view the four main modules you can manage and organize the results obtained from your queries.


Reports module

With the reports module, you will organize all the data in different formats and add tables to analyze the information that you consider most practical and functional. Also, the option to create custom reports is added to have even more options.



Export module

With the export module, you can download your reports in various formats. And you can also configure them to be sent periodically to your email box.


Newsletter module

With the newsletter module, you will create personalized newsletters to automate reports in various formats to receive by email periodically according to your interests and needs.


Alerts module

With the alerts module, you can configure notifications via email, push for mobile, or integrations with third-party apps; and schedule them by hours, days, weeks, or in a personalized way.



Your plan

Finally, in the lower-left corner, you have the information corresponding to the type of plan you have contracted with Bunker DB.


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