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In this section, for each comment, you will find two handy functions:

  • View replies. By clicking on the answer balloon, you will see all the responses that have been generated for the selected comment listed.
    Keep in mind that these responses do not impact the values reflected in the statistics section.
  • Reply editor for comments. Clicking on "Reply" will display the response editor for comments. You will also have the tools to classify sentiment, tags, and a shortcut to the publication.


  • From this editor, you can reply to all comments directly from the platform.
  • By clicking on the icons in the text field, you can include predefined quick responses, images, gifs, and emojis.


  • Keep in mind that to reply to messages, the user who made the connection must have permission to moderate messages and comments for that network. Otherwise, you will see this message when trying to reply:


Here we show you how to verify it for the Facebook network:

  1. Go to the "Business Settings" section of Facebook Business.
  2. Go to the "Accounts" section and then to the pages.
  3. Select the fan page you have connected to in Bunker DB analytics.
  4. Choose the user you used to connect the account.
  5. Verify that the permission indicated has the toggle in the active position.
    Once the permission is enabled, you should be able to reply to comments from Bunker DB analytics.

  • If the user already has admin access to the fan page, the permission to reply to comments will be active by default.



  • If the user who made the network connection did not have admin access or permission to moderate messages, it is possible to activate it later. It is not necessary to refresh so that the function of answering comments is active.

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