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  1. To download your report in PDF format, click on "Download."

  • You will see in the lower-left corner the process of creating the PDF, and once it reaches 100%, click on the green link to download it.

Send the report by email.

You can send your report by email as a snapshot, in which you will see the static data as of the date the report was generated. A link or public link will be created, and you can share the report by email.

  1. Click on "SEND BY MAIL." A window will be displayed to configure the sending of the report.

  2. Select the recipients.

  • You can choose Bunker DB analytics users, individual emails, or groups of emails.
  1. Include a custom message for report recipients (optional).
  2. Click "Submit" to finish.


Create a snapshot report

A snapshot type report shows a "photo" of all the data contained in your dashboard or campaign on the date the report was created, and a public link or link will be generated, which you can share with people even if they don't have a Bunker DB analytics profile.


  2. Once it reaches 100%, click on the green link or copy it.

  3. You can also send this link by email. To do so, click

Share the report with updated data.

There is the possibility of generating a report with a link or public link and sharing the report with the updated data with people who do not have a Bunker DB analytics profile.

  1. Click on the icon next to the link.

  • The link will be copied to your clipboard to paste it wherever you need it.


Print the report

  1. Click on the green link with the text "Print View" located in the report editing panel's lower sector.

A new tab will open and will generate the report in A4 format.

  1. You must click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner and click on "PRINT" to display your browser's print window.


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