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The report allows you to quickly and easily gather all the results of your brands or your campaigns in a single document. In just one click, you can have a month's information ready to present at your fingertips.


Step by step - how to generate a report

  1. Select the brand and the period to report in the dashboard or campaigns.
  2. Click on "Generate report" in the right menu.


  3. Select the sections you want to report or one of the saved templates.

  4. Click Generate report.

The report will open in a new browser tab, where it will generate. When the upload is complete, you will see the report like this:




  • On the left side, you will see an index with which you can easily navigate through all the report sections. Click on each of them to go immediately to the chosen section.

    Customize and download your report

From the pencil on the right, you can adjust the sections you want to show in your report, or hide those you don't want to show, select a different template, or save the current selection as a new template. You will also find these other options:

Send by mail

You can instantly send a copy of your report to any email address to easily share the results of your brands and campaigns.

Create snapshot report

Create a snapshot report to share a link to see the data when the report is generated. This link will not be updated if changes occur in the results of the metrics of your networks.


Use this option to start downloading the report as a * .pdf document.

Copy link

Create a link to share your report with the updated data. In this way, if any data changes, the link does not lose its validity.

Save layout

Save a layout with the selection of sections that you have made to use again in future reports. This way, you won't have to configure each section every time you report your results.

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