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This view allows you to see all your brands by connected networks. You will see the results of the metrics that you consider most important along with the indicator and sentiment values of the total brand in social and paid media that have generated comments.

Set up your multi-brand dashboard and get essential information about your brands at a glance.

  • The period shown by default is the current month, but you can modify it and choose any other available sub-periods.



Network visualization

In the upper sector, you can see the index of the networks that are connected.

  • When you click on each of the networks, you will see all the brands and connections with data.
  • You can choose only one network at a time.



Configure multiple connections

  1. When you have more than one connection per brand, click on the button below to choose the ones you want to see.

You will see a window to select the connections you want to see in the brand.

  1. Then click "Apply" to save the changes.

The head with data looks like this:



How to apply filters

  1. Use the search engine to filter by brand or connection name.

  • You can also search using keywords, separating them with commas.
  1. Determine a criterion of your preference and order the results in ascending or descending order.
  2. Click the "Sort by" box to display the window.

  3. Choose between the two available filter criteria:
  • Brand name
  • Metrics
  1. Finally, click on "Sentiment Comments By" to filter the comments and view the sentiment results.

You can filter comments in three different ways:

  • Comments by date of publication:
    It shows all the comments of the posts within the period no matter what date they were made.
  • Comments by date of publication + comment:
    Displays the comments of the posts within the period.
  • Comments by comment date:
    Shows all comments for the chosen period, regardless of the date of publication.



You will be able to view all the metrics you want; by default, the ones you have configured in the custom heads of each network are shown.

  • You can modify the visible metrics in the same way that the "Paid media" tables are modified. Learn how to do it.

  • To download the data from the multi-brand dashboard, click the download icon next to the column customization menu.

You will see in the lower-left corner the process of creating the CSV and, once it reaches 100%, click on the link in green to download it.

  • When the number of metrics exceeds the head's available space, they will be distributed in pages.

Click on the different views to see the chosen metrics.

  • Below the brand image, you have two shortcuts to the "Dashboard" and the brand edition.

  • To hide brands from the multi-brand dashboard, you have to go to the brand edition and uncheck the image's checkbox.


You cannot change the number of metrics displayed per page. The metrics available per page depend on the type of network and availability of sentiment data.

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