How do I add paid media content to my campaigns?

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You can select which campaigns, ad groups, and ads you want to link to your Bunker DB campaigns. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the campaign edition.

    If you create a new campaign, Bunker DB will take you directly to the issue once you confirm the name, type, and dates.

  2. Click Networks and select the paid media network you want to link.
    If you don't have paid media campaigns linked to the campaign yet, click "Connect."
  3. In case you already have connected campaigns, click the "+" button.
  4. Search the campaign.


  5. When the campaign is linked, Bunker DB will show you the option to find and link the ad groups and individual ads that you want to see in your campaign.


  6. To finish, click on "Save network."

You can edit your ad group and ad selection, if necessary.

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