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Automate tag and sentiment assignment  to your mentions in Bunker DB listening. Instead of browsing through your mentions and manually adding a tag or changing the sentiment value, Bunker DB listening will now do it automatically for you.

In this tutorial we will indicate the steps to follow to create your automations.


Step by step - how to create a new automated action

    1. Click on the "Automated actions" tab.


    2. Select "Add new Automated action".
    3. Click on "Untitled action" to assign a name.


    4. Enter keywords, authors, or websites that trigger the automated action.


    5. Click on "Next step".


    6. Define what action will be triggered: add a tag, set a sentiment, or both.
    7. Click on "Next step".


    8. Apply to selected feeds or globally for your organization.

      Select a specific font (or several). You can choose from any existing query or folder in your account.
      On the other hand, the Global option allows you to apply the Automated action to all the queries present in your feed, as well as to all the queries you add.

    9. Configure the automated actions that apply to the above mentions.


    10. Click "Save" to save.
  • By default, an automated action will be applied only to new mentions, starting from the moment they are created. If you also want to apply it to mentions collected before that point, be sure to select this option.
  • If you select the Apply to old mentions option, it will take a while for the tool to process that action.

Once the configuration is complete, you will see the actions in a list like this:


  • When you hover your mouse over the clock icon, you will see a percentage of the old mentions processed.
  • Once the automated action is created, you will be able to edit, duplicate or delete the action.

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