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Invite your whole team to Bunker DB
Invite your whole team to Bunker DB

We know that day-to-day tasks are more fun as a team! Invite your team to Bunker DB.

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Teamwork is the best way to achieve the best results! That is why at Bunker DB we invite you to join your entire team to collaborate and carry out world-class teamwork. Keep in mind that the number of users you can create in your Bunker DB account depends on the plan you have contracted.

To invite your team, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Administration”.

  2. Click on “Users”.

    If the button is not available, it is because you have reached the limit of users that you can create in your account, according to the plan you contracted. However, you can buy more users.

  3. Complete the required data.


    You can invite more than one member of your team at one time.

  4. With the ⚙️ you can specify what additional permissions the user has.

  5. Choose one, multiple brands or “Multi-brand” to give you access to all available brands.

  6. Click on “Invite your team” to complete the process.

Bunker DB will send an email to each recipient where the user must enter a link to confirm their account and create a new password.

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