What is Bunker DB Listening?

The solution to know what is being talked about your brand in social networks and web portals.

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Bunker DB Listening is a social listening solution that allows you to monitor and track mentions of your brand and related topics across multiple digital channels. Bunker DB Listening helps you uncover meaningful insights behind every mention.

💻 Monitor more than ten million sources over the internet.

⌨️ You can enter unlimited keywords

🙌🏽 Create users for your entire team, without restrictions.

👀 Know better the needs of your online audience.

💫 Improve the image and performance of your brand.

💚 Know the feeling of what people are saying about your brand.

👉🏽 Find out how your competition's keywords perform.

🤳🏽 Understand who your brand's influencers are.

🔢Make decisions based on relevant data.

🗒️ Report your results quickly and colorfully with the data that interests you.

🔔 Set alerts so you don't miss anything.

🤖 Set up automations to save time and have all the info organized.


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