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Filter in your feed — Listening

Get only the mentions you care about in your feed.

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In the Bunker DB Listening feed you can filter the mentions that were obtained by your queries to improve their level of analysis. To do so, go to the right panel of the platform. With this functionality you can get specific mentions within the feed.


It is important to keep in mind that this filter acts only on the results obtained without affecting the configuration of the queries.

How are filters used?

All the filter options are on the left on the main screen of your feed.

Period Selection

Choose the start and end dates of the time period you want to analyze. When you create a Bunker DB Listening query, it retrieves all mentions from up to 90 days ago.

Filter by source

You can limit the results by the type of source in which they were found: social networks, forums, websites, etc.

Filter by sentiment

Filter your mentions by sentiment, in this way, you can identify the positive, negative or neutral activity that was generated about your brand.


Add tags to mentions to easily find mentions with common topics.

Influencer scores

It selects only the mentions made by authors of specific sources that are ordered from 0 to 10 according to their readability and relevance of the content.


You can choose to only see mentions from certain locations or particularly exclude those sources that are in locations of your choosing.


Select the language that is relevant to your brand.

Reach and virality

You can set a range of reach and virality to see only the most relevant mentions.


Select a range of interactions: likes, comments, shares, etc.


Filter your mentions based on the number of people who engaged with the content where your mentions are found.

Influencers and Authors

Include or exclude mentions of specific authors.

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