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Create a query — Listening
Create a query — Listening

A query is a set of rules for Bunker DB Listening to search social networks and websites.

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A query contains the words and rules to obtain any mention of your brand (or your competitors) in all the sources available in Bunker DB Listening. When you create a Bunker DB Listening query, it retrieves all mentions from up to 90 days.

A query can contain one or more than one keyword.

👉🏽 For example, “rain OR raining” is a query with two keywords.

Create new queries

1. Click on the green "Create new query" button.


You also have the option to create a new query by clicking “Add a new query” at the end of the already configured queries.

2. Configure the phrases or keywords to search for.

3. Click "Next".

4. Define the keywords you want to look for and click "Next".

For example, in the case of choosing “data” as a keyword, plus other additional keywords, Bunker DB listening will search for all words in the same context and thus avoid including “data” in contexts that are not useful. You can also include words that leave out irrelevant mentions.


Include linked keywords, for example, “data” (keyword) + “data science” (contextual keyword).

5. Choose all the online sources where Bunker DB Listening will search for the keywords you selected. These can be both social networks of different types, as well as websites and forums.

Note that for each of the source types where Bunker DB Listening will search, it is possible to add specific places and exclusions; or leave it by default to bring the total mentions.

6. Filter your search by location, language, sentiment, influence score, authors, etc.

7. Name your query and preview the mentions to verify that the configuration is correct.

8. Click "Save" to confirm.

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