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How to create automated actions — Listening
How to create automated actions — Listening

Automate the assignment of labels and sentiment values to your mentions in Bunker DB Listening.

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Stop browsing your mentions and manually adding a tag or changing the sentiment value, Bunker DB Listening will now do it automatically for you. Here's how to create your automations.

  1. Click on the "Automated actions" tab.

  2. Select "Add new Automated action".

  3. Click "Untitled action" to assign a name.

  4. Enter keywords, authors, or websites that trigger the automated action.

  5. Click "Next step".

  6. Define which action will be triggered: add a tag, set a sentiment, or both.

  7. Click "Next step".

  8. Select the feed.

  9. Select one or several feeds, you can choose from any existing query or folder in your account; or select Global, to apply the Automated Action to all your existing queries, as well as all queries you add.

    By default, an automated action affects only new mentions, starting from the time it's created. If you want to apply it to previous mentions as well, be sure to select "Apply to previous mentions." Keep in mind that it is possible that the tool will take some time to process this action.

  10. Click "Save" to save.

    Once the configuration is finished you will see the actions in a list like this:

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