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Edit the sentiment of a mention — Listening
Edit the sentiment of a mention — Listening

Bunker DB Listening automatically assigns a sentiment value to the mentions obtained, but you can modify them if necessary.

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Edit the sentiment value of your mentions in three clicks:

  1. Select the mention by clicking on it.

  2. Click on the Sentiment icon at the bottom right.

  3. Select the new Sentiment value.

In case that you need to classify the sentiment of your mentions massively, you can use the "Select all" function located on the right top margin of your feed.

Keep in mind that if you apply this function without using the mentions filter, all the mentions of your query will be selected. To get more accurate results, we recommend that you combine the selection tool and the mentions search bar.

👉🏽 You can also modify the Sentiment from the emoji on the bottom right corner of the mention.

👉🏽 You will see that the Sentiment value will change to a colored icon, so you can recognize the mentions that were manually modified.

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