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Tack Instagram mentions — Listening
Tack Instagram mentions — Listening

Track Instagram accounts or hashtags with Bunker DB Listening.

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You can track mentions and hashtags with Bunker DB Listening. Check that your brand's Instagram account complies with these requirements:

  • The account must be Instagram for business.
    If the account you need to connect is not a business account, you need to convert it.

Connect an Instagram account for businesses

1. Click on the gear in the upper right corner to go to "Settings."

2. Click on the option "Integrations."

3. Click on "Instagram" to display the options.

4. Click the "Continue with Facebook" button to start the integration and follow the steps.

If you were already logged in with a Facebook account, the authorization page would detect your active session.

5. Click "Accept" to finish the authorization procedure on Facebook and finalize it in Bunker DB Listening.

Instagram does not provide personal information about the accounts, so all the mentions being monitored will show "anonymous_user" in the author field. This information will look the same in reports.

  • Metrics cannot be updated, which means that the amount of "likes" and comments on posts will remain at the value obtained when the mentions are tracked by Bunker DB listening.

  • Bunker DB cannot fetch publications older than 24 hours.

To add a new hashtag, you must start typing and confirm the "Enter" key. You won't be able to change them for the next seven days.

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