Main features — Listening

Get to know the main functions of Bunker DB Listening.

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View your mention feed, create and export your reports, get digests, and set alerts and automations from the top menu.


With the reports module, you can organize the data in different formats and add tables to analyze the information in a practical and functional way. In addition, you can customize your reports to better understand your results.


In Export, you can download your reports in various formats. You can also configure them so that Bunker DB sends them periodically to your email box.


Create personalized newsletters and receive your results as plain text, table, Word document, or PDF.


Configure notifications via email, mobile push, or integrations with third-party apps; and program them by hours, days, weeks, or in a personalized way.

Automated actions

Set rules for Bunker DB Listening to perform specific actions, such as adding tags or assigning sentiment to mentions automatically. In this way, you will save time and you will obtain the analysis of your data much faster.

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