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All relevant information about each of your mentions is in the feed.

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Mentions show a fragment of the text where Bunker DB Listening found your mention, and other information such as reach, interactions, virality, influence score, etc.

For every mention you can identify the following elements.

  • Title

  • Source
    The identifier (logo) of the source appears on the left.

  • Time of the mention

  • Location
    Shows the geographic location where the post was made.

  • Fragment
    Contains a part or all of the publication where the mention or keyword is found.

  • Reach
    An estimated number of people who viewed the post.

  • Engagement rate
    Shows the total result of interactions over the total number of posts.

  • Influence score
    The score measures, from 1 to 10, the popularity of a specific website or profile.

  • Sentiment
    Bunker DB Listening recognizes the sentiment —good, bad, or neutral—, of the mention. The emoji on the bottom right corner indicates positive in green, red for negative or gray for neutral.

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