Set currency conversions

Learn about the functioning, settings and visualization of the Bunker DB Analytics currencies quotation.

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Only Superusers and Brand Managers with the Financial Manager permission are allowed to visualize and convert currencies and financial data.

The feature has two different settings:

  • Bunker DB conversion. Bunker DB uses an international API integrated on our platform, which takes information from different sources, to carry out the currency exchange.

  • Custom conversion. Allows you to create customized rules to set the exchange and currency values.

Set currencies on a brand

When you create a new brand, you can choose the currency that Bunker DB will use to show you the investment values on your paid media networks.

  • In case that the original currency matches with the selected one, no conversion will be done.

Set exchange rate on a Bunker DB brand

  1. Select "Edit brand" in your Analytics Module.

  2. Once you were there, click on "Currency Conversion."

The currency exchange value rule is set by default on the last day of the subperiod.

  1. Click on the gear icon ⚙️ to access the settings menu.

  2. Choose from the available rules.

  • Subperiod first day: The system will take the exchange value corresponding to the first day of the period that you are working on.

For example:

If you are working on a monthly basis, the system will search the value corresponding to the first day of that month.

  • Subperiod last day: Bunker DB will take the exchange value corresponding to the last day of the selected subperiod.

Example 1:
If you are working with a closed period —or if the month that you are analyzing is already over—, Bunker DB will search the value corresponding to the last day of that month.

Example 2:

If you select an open period, Bunker DB will search the value corresponding to the previous day to the current one. If today is March 17th, Bunker DB will search the value corresponding to March 16th.

  1. Click on "Save".

  2. Select the period and the currencies you want to visualize on the conversion provided by the API for each day.

  3. Click on "Search".

The results will be presented like this:

Customize the exchange type on a brand

  1. Repeat steps 1 to 4 of the Bunker DB conversion type on a brand.

  2. Select the "Customized" currency type.

  3. Click on "Save".

  4. Click on "Add conversion".

  5. Select a time period.

  6. Select the network and brand currencies.

  7. Set the exchange value.

    If you enter two periods with shared date, the value of the last period will be taken.

  8. Click on "Save and create new" to go back to the list.

If you enter more registries the results will be listed like this: [3]

  • To set a new value click on the + icon on the right down corner.

  • To delete a conversion click on the trash bin at the end of the list.

  • If there is no registry that contains all the values that are being searched, the Bunker DB exchange value will be taken for that registry.

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