Add notes to your results

Create notes in your Analytics dashboards and in Campaigns to add value to your results information.

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Notes are a great way to include additional information to your reports and can be useful for calling attention to relevant changes, unique events, or information your team needs. These annotations can be added to almost every section of your Analytics dashboards in Bunker DB, whenever you see the ⠇ menu:

  1. In your Analytics or Campaigns modules, on the right margin, click on the option Add note.
    A window is displayed with the fields that you must complete to create the note.

  2. Additionally, you can upload an image or choose from the preloaded icons, indicating that the note is displayed in the period report or sent by email.

  3. To complete the action, click accept.

    You can choose to include your notes and images in the reports.

    If you include your notes or images for a specific period, it will appear only when you report it.

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