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Create a report

Report your results by network, by module or create a fully customized report.

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Report your results quickly and easily, with just a few clicks. In this article, we will explain how to use Bunker to report your results effectively.

Create a report

  1. From Analytics or a campaign, select the brand and period you want to report on.

  2. Click on “Create report”.

  3. Select if you want to report only the network —Facebook, Instagram, X, Google Search, LinkedIn Ads, etc.—, the module —social, paid, Sentiment, Competition, etc.— or if you prefer to generate a completely personalized report.

  4. In the pop-up select the modules you want to report, you can customize the sections, publications, graphics, etc. what you need.

  5. Choose the format of your report from the "Default View" options, which will create a vertical sheet, or as a "Slide Presentation", which will produce a report in landscape format.

  6. Click on "Create Report".

    👉🏽 The report will open in a new browser tab where it will start loading.

    👉🏽Easily navigate through all sections of the report with the index on the right. You just have to click on each of them to immediately go to the chosen section.

    👉🏽To configure the visible modules according to your needs, click on the pencil located in the upper right corner.

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