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Custom fields broaden the range of information that you can get about your consumers.

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The purpose of custom fields is to broaden the spectrum of information that can be obtained about consumers by allowing the association of attributes that are not defined as fixed fields in the system.

We can group custom fields m pueden agruparse en las siguientes categorías:

  • Yes/No: they may have a value of the yes/no type, or be empty. Example: Are you a mother?

  • Option: You will be able to select a value from a list of options defined by the administrator user or brand manager at the installation level. Example: What is your hair color?

  • Text: they may have as value any text that will be completed by the consumer who participates in the promotion. Example: How do you like to spend your birthday

  • Numeric: may have a numeric value. Example: How many children do you have

  • Date/Time: they will be able to enter a date (datetime). Example: Enrollment Date

Create a custom field

  1. Click on the “Administration” section on the left menu.

  2. Click on «Bunker DB Settings» and then «Custom Fields».

  3. Click the «Add» button.

  4. Set a name for the field and a description.

  5. Select the type of field: yes/no, numeric, text, date/time, option.

  6. To save click «SAVE».

👉🏽After you've created your custom fields in Bunker DB Analytics, you will find it in the list, where its scope (assigned brand or multi-brand) and status can also be identified.

👉🏽While a field is connected to the Consumer API, you can only change its name and description, add new options and change its values.

👉🏽When integrating, the field ID must match the one placed in Bunker DB.

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