What are custom fields?

Custom fields are API fields that can be customized to fit your needs. They can be anything from text, numbers, options to specific dates.

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Custom fields are intended to widen the scope of information you can get about your brand’s consumers enabling BunkerDB to assign attributes to them which are not set as a fixed field on the system.

Custom fields can be:

  • Yes/No: it supports a yes or no value, or it can be empty, e.g. ‘Are you a mom?’

  • Multiple options: a value can be chosen from a list of options defined by a Superuser or Brand manager, e.g. ‘what color is your hair?’

  • Text: it can hold any text value that’s completed by the consumer when entering the campaign, e.g. ‘how do you like to spend your birthday?’

  • Numeric: it can be a numeric value, e.g. ‘how many children do you have?’

  • Datetime: it can be a date value, e.g. ‘registration date’.

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