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Import your consumers to Bunker DB Analytics in just a couple of steps.

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Upload a CSV

  1. Go to the campaign where you want to upload the database in Bunker DB.

  2. Click ⠇and select «Import consumers».


  3. Click on "Browse" and select the file to upload.
    Important: the file must be in CSV format. If the file has headings (titles in each column), check the "Ignore first row" option. The default delimiter character is the comma.

  4. Check that the preview is ordered and click «Continue».

  5. Map each loaded column to the columns in the file.

  6. In this way, Bunker DB analytics identifies what each piece of data corresponds to — name, telephone number, e-mail, document, etc.—. Then click on "Continue."

    It is possible, if necessary, to select one or more preferences for the campaign.

  7. After verifying the default options, click "Import".

Databases with custom fields

When loading * .csv files with consumers in the system, you must type in the names of the custom fields in the system that must be loaded in the column combos. Select a field as a new column, and the value of the cell will match a value for the field.

Requirements for import:

  • CSV file (comma-separated values), encoded in UTF-8 to avoid problems of interpreting special characters.

  • Identification documents allow between seven and eight digits; it does not matter if they contain periods or hyphens since they will be removed when imported.

  • Dates of birth or creation must follow the yyyy-mm-dd format and must not be older than 130 years.

  • Only numeric values are supported for phone fields.

  • The gender field admits 'f' (feminine) or 'm' (masculine).

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