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How do I convert a database to UTF-8?
How do I convert a database to UTF-8?

To load a database into Bunker DB Analytics, the document must be encoded as UTF-8

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To avoid character parsing errors, when you load a database in *CSV, you must ensure that it is encoded as UTF-8, otherwise Bunker DB Analytics throws a load error.

Follow these steps to transform your CSV if it doesn't meet this requirement.

In Microsoft Excel

  1. Open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel

  2. Click File > Save As.

  3. Enter the file name, and then select "CSV UTF-8 (Comma Delimited) (*.csv)" as the file format you want.

  4. Click Save.

In Google drive

  1. Create a new Google Sheets document.

  2. In the new document, import your CSV file.

  3. Once the file is imported, click File > Download As > Comma Separated Values.

Your document should be encoded in UTF-8 by default.

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