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Include sales information associated with your consumers to globally understand how your investment returns.

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The associated sales log is a feature of Bunker DB that allows you to understand a fundamental aspect of your customers' behavior: the sales achieved in your campaigns.

This feature is especially useful for those who want to have a better understanding of how their advertising campaigns are affecting the sales of their products or services. With the associated sales log, you will have a clearer picture of how your marketing efforts are impacting your sales results.

Follow these steps to update the sales associated with your consumers

  1. Go to the edition of the campaign where you will upload the sales information.

  2. Select the «Networks» tab and then «Databases».

  3. From the “Database” option, click on «Load events».

  4. Click "Browse" and select the file to upload.

    💾 The file must be in CSV format.

    🔝If the file has headers (headers in each column), check the "Ignore first row" option. The default delimiter character is comma.

  5. Check the preview and click “Continue”.

  6. Maps each loaded column, with the columns of the file.

  7. Then click “Next”.

  8. Indicates the column with which Bunker DB analytics will differentiate existing records from sales records. After checking the default options, you will see a summary to confirm the data.

  9. Click on "Confirm import". The result of the sales will also be sent as a notification to the mailbox of the user who is uploading the data.

The process may take a few minutes to reflect the imported data in the campaign depending on the amount of data that needs to be processed.

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