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How to connect an app via Zapier to retrieve consumers and insert them in Bunker DB.

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What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online platform that allows you to connect apps, for example Bunker DB and a third where you capture consumers. Here's how Zapier works, you tell Zapier to take an action whenever a trigger is activated. The action can be, for example, inserting a consumer into your Bunker DB database every time a new lead was created in your CRM, which is the trigger.

What do I need to connect to Bunker DB?

  • A Zapier account.

  • A Bunker DB API token

Set up the connection in Zapier?

  1. Click +Create Zap

  2. Find the app you're going to connect to start setting up the trigger.

  3. Select the event that will act as the trigger.

  4. Connect your account in that app with a username and password.

  5. Authorize the permissions for Zapier to access the app.

  6. Test the trigger.

    With this action Zapier will search for a recent item in the app you selected as a trigger. If everything is correct, click next.

    In the "Action" section, you'll configure the action that Zapier will take from the above trigger.

  7. Search for Bunker DB.

  8. Select the action that will be executed when the trigger is activated. For example, inserting a record through the Bunker DB API V4.

  9. Select the account to connect to.
    By default, Zapier offers to connect to the endpoint, which is our test instance.

  10. Enter the endpoint and API token, and click "Yes, continue".

    Pro tips:
    🎖️Find your Bunker DB account endpoint in your browser's url.

    🎖️Make sure to use the token corresponding to the Bunker DB campaign where the consumers will be inserted.

  11. Set the action, mapping the required fields.

  12. Test the action.

Validate the action in Bunker DB

  1. Access your Bunker DB account.

  2. Go to the campaign you are linking.

  3. Click Consumers and then "View Consumers."

If you use the test address [email protected], the test data will be reflected in the campaign edition > API tokens, in the Tests carried out with the test user section.

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