Refresh connections

Sometimes connections are interrupted and we need to refresh them to enable Bunker DB to continue fetching data from them.

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When do I need to refresh a connection?

When a network is connected to Bunker DB analytics, a token code is assigned to identify it. This code will validate the date on which the connection was made, among other data.

Therefore, in particular situations the connections between Bunker DB analytics and the provider's network can be interrupted and the data download is suspended.

Some reasons for those interruptions might be:

  • A token's validation date has expired.

  • Changes on the network's terms & conditions.

  • Changes in the permissions that the connecting user has on the network they connected.

  • Additional account security methods have been activated.

    • Two/multi-factor authentication.

    • Biometric authentication

  • Networks account data has been modified.

    • User name

    • Password

You can restore the download of your data from your Connections Center or from the Edit Brand menu.

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