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Refresh connections to enable private messages - Facebook & Instagram
Refresh connections to enable private messages - Facebook & Instagram

When Bunker DB adds functionalities to the tool, you must grant new permissions for the networks that you have connected.

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To be able to respond to comments and private messages from the Sentiment module in Bunker DB, you must have an edit and moderate or Administrator role on the brand page. In addition, you must enable all the application permissions.

Step by step - how to refresh a connection

  1. Click on the "Edit brand" button found in the menu on the right.

  2. Go to "Networks" and select Facebook or Instagram.

  3. Click on "Refresh."

    Bunker DB will automatically direct you to the authentication web of the network.

  4. Click on «Reconect»

  5. In the authorization window, select «Go to business integrations».

    You will see the list of your commercial integrations in Meta, look for Bunker DB among them and click on «View and edit»

  6. Enable permissions for the pages you manage, especially "Manage and access Page conversations in Messenger" and "Manage and access messages from the Instagram account connected to your Page".

  7. Click "Save" to finish.

  • After the procedure is complete, the data download will resume. Delay in the download depends on the network and the volume of data in that period.

  • If Bunker DB hasn't downloaded the data within 24 hours, contact [email protected] or through the platform chat.

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