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Connect and disconnect networks
Connect and disconnect networks

Connect your social, owned, and paid media networks to Bunker DB Analytics to have all your results in one place.

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Optimize your online presence easily and efficiently! Connect your social networks, owned content and paid media to Bunker DB, centralize all your data and results in one place, simplifying your analysis and empowering your decisions.

To connect to a network —Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.— you need to do so with the access (username and password) of an Admin user of that account. Follow these steps to connect with Bunker DB.

Connect networks

After creating your brand, Bunker DB will take you to your Connection center immediately. Just click the "Connect networks" button.

In this module you will be able to connect all your social, owned and paid media networks; as well as monitor the status of the connections already made 👍.

🧠 Remember that the number of connections available for social and owned media networks will always be one, but for paid media networks can vary between one and ten depending on the plan you have chosen.

Just as you can connect your networks through the "Connections" module, you can also do so by selecting a specific network in the sections:

Disconnect networks

If you want to disconnect a network, go to the “Networks” tab located in the edit menu of your brand. Once there, click on the "Disconnect" button.

You will be directed to this menu to indicate "Yes" or "No".

Before disconnecting any of your networks, keep in mind:

🪪Only the Superuser role has permission to disconnect.

⚠️This procedure deletes the Bunker DB Analytics connection and all data will be removed from the platform.

🚨This process cannot be reversed.

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