Investment fee set-up

Stop calculating the investment fee in your client's paid media campaigns, Bunker DB has already solved this for you.

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What is an investment fee?

An investment fee is a cost that an agency charges its clients for the digital marketing services it offers. Bunker DB Analytics makes it very easy to set the investment fee for the paid media campaigns of the accounts you manage. In this article we show you how to assign this value for your paid media accounts and networks.

Set up your brand's investment fee

When setting the investment fee for an entire brand, the percentage you apply will affect all paid media networks that have investment data.

  1. From your Analytics dashboard, click the menu ⠇and select “Edit Brand”.

  2. Click on “General Information” and fill in the value you have agreed for the Investment Fee.

  3. Click on "Save changes" to apply the fee.
    The fee will reflect in each network within dashboards and campaigns.

Set your investment fee in networks and accounts

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 from the previous section.

  2. Go to the "Networks" tab.

  3. Select the paid media network you want to apply a fee to.​

  4. Click on "Investment Fee" on the upper margin of the network, to apply the fee to the whole network, or below the account to affect only that connection.

    The button to set up a fee for a specific account is only available when you have more than one account from the same network connected to Bunker DB Analytics.

  5. Enter the fee value in the designated field when the pop-up window is displayed.

  6. Click "Save" to apply the change.

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